Our mission is to drastically reduce the abandonment, abuse, and exploitation of animals in the UK.

We are dedicated to enforcing and strengthening existing laws to combat irresponsible dog breeding, with a strong initial focus on shutting down inhumane puppy farms.

By working with local communities, law enforcement, and animal welfare organisations, we strive to create a safer and more compassionate environment for all dogs.


Our overall mission is to reduce the amount of unwanted animals that are abandoned, abused and disregarded in this country. Starting with man's best friend - the dog.

We believe that one of the fundamental ways in which to stop the pain and suffering is to ensure responsible breeding and ownership. We want to unite the general public, rescues centres, breeders and owners alike to promote and educate responsible breeding and ownership, and campaign for the existing laws already in place to be properly enforced and utilised, bringing an end to puppy farming.

We have a love and a passion for dogs and we will work alongside other organisations, enthusiasts, breeders, professionals and owners to put an end to the suffering


Help Us Stop Councils From Licensing Puppy Farms

The welfare issues faced by dogs in these commercial breeding establishments is immense.
Yet, if existing animal welfare legislation was properly interpreted by the licensing authorities these establishments would not be able to exist.

Restore and Rewild

In 2015, having been generously donated the sole use of 12 acres of undisturbed, ancient woodland that adjoins the existing site, Chancepixies have taken the opportunity to support our environment and explore native British breeds, wildlife and the concept of 'rewilding' - to allow nature to lead the way, enabling balance and sustainability.

The story so far

The Chancepixies name started in the 1980's, it evolved over the years and became a registered charity in England and Wales in May 2009


Meet the people behind our charity that help drive our mission forward

David Anderson

Heidi Anderson

Tina Chapman

Kathleen Cottingham


I want to help stop puppy farms for good and receive updates, participate in events, and help spread the word.

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